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   Hi, I'm Michelle Efird.  This creative journey of mine has taken many turns.  My mother made all five of us girls learn to sew at an early age.  By her example I learned to push past any fear that keeps me from trying new things (except for things like skydiving and snow skiing - I'm a total chicken and I hate pain!)  I'm a musician (piano and harp).  I LOVE teaching my private students.  

   Several years ago, during a particularly stressful time, I got back into crocheting.  (I first learned at age 12, thanks to my Granny Mae.)  I was drawn to the colors.  That whole Color Therapy thing is REAL!  Someone asked me to crochet a wrap bracelet with beads.  Have you walked down the bead aisle at your local craft store?  So many pretties!  Surfing thru Pinterest I saw some really interesting beads that threw me right into the world of Polymer Clay.  So many colors!  And textures!  And patterns!  The possibilities are endless.  I have found my Happy Place!  

   I recently began dabbling in Weaving and Macrame.  I especially enjoy combining them into Macraweaving. I am especially drawn to all the colors and textures.